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"I hope you fall in love with someone who always texts back and never lets you fall asleep thinking you’re

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"He looked at me like I was crazy. Most of my lovers do, and that’s partly why they love me, and partly why they leave."

- Jeanette Winterson  (via budddha)

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You are a woman.

That alone is everything.

You were already a completed poem the moment you left your mothers womb.


- Joe Pound (via joepoundpoetry)

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Seeking Inspiration Midair with @manonwethly

To see more of Manon’s artfully captured images of #flyingstuff, follow @manonwethly.

For Dutch designer Manon Wethlij (@manonwethly), the contents of her arresting #flyingstuff photos are less important than the conversations they provoke. “People are free to see or feel whatever they want in the shapes,” Manon says. “I love that they make people talk to me and ask questions.”

“I studied architecture for two years, then graphic design, but the thing that has always made me happy is photography.” When she found Instagram, Manon says, “it was exactly what I needed to keep my photography enthusiasm alive. I was taking lots of photos every day and just storing them in my computer for no one to see.”

These days, it’s the response to her photos on Instagram that keeps Manon evolving creatively. “Everybody’s enthusiasm encourages me to try new things,” she explains, “It’s sort of addictive.”

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THE best thing I’ve seen on tumblr

Lol real cute

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only thing better then dreaming is seeing it all come true.

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i am terrified for my people

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This made tear up for real.

Because it’s fucking sad. This shouldn’t have to be a thing. But it is.


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"It’s pretty ironic that the so-called ‘least advantaged’ people are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are the ones who are trying to drive the society to destruction."

- Noam Chomsky (via peaceisofus)






Baby laughing while getting shots

> Rock star doctor.

I don’t care how old he will be I’m taking my future children to him

My heart!

That person is in the right field!  So many pediatricians are terrible with children; you can tell this person LOVES children and taking care of them.

This makes me so happy

He loves his job and now I love him! Simple amazing!

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